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Twitter’s Closed Caption Toggle Now Available on iOS and Android

Twitter has announced that everyone on iOS and Android now has access to a button that toggles the subtitles for its video player. You can decide whether to view written explanations by clicking the button, which appears in the top-right corner of the video if captions are available. This functionality was first tested by Twitter in April, but it was only accessible to a select group of iPhone users.

For many years, whether or not subtitles appear on your mobile device has depended on a number of variables, such as whether you have closed captions enabled in the accessibility settings of your phone or if you are watching the video with the sound off. These are still taken into consideration, but you can now simply toggle them on or off whenever you want, much like you could on the Twitter website and many other video hosting services.

Twitter spokesman Shaokyi Amdo stated in an email to the media that the button “will only show up on videos with already-available captions, and is not tied to the automatic caption system.” All users having access to the toggle should be encouraged to think about adding subtitles when submitting videos to Twitter.

Joe Wallace
Joe Wallace
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