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UK Continues To Offer Support For Fleeing Afghans

Boris Johnson has stated that the international community will “push as one voice” for the safe passage of Afghans who choose to leave.

After the UN Security Council encouraged the Taliban to allow civilians to leave the country, the prime minister made his remarks.

On Monday, US soldiers left Afghanistan, ending a 20-year presence and handing authority to the Taliban.

Over the weekend, British troops also left.

The UN Security Council also warned the Taliban not to allow Afghanistan to become a terrorist safe haven in a draft resolution adopted Monday evening.

It also urged all parties to give the UN and humanitarian organizations “full, safe, and unimpeded access” to provide supplies.

The resolution, which was prepared by the United Kingdom and France, received 13 votes in favor and two abstentions from China and Russia.

It “makes obvious that the international world stands with Afghans,” according to Mr Johnson.

“No return to repression or terror is possible. We will advocate for safe travel, humanitarian access, and human rights respect as a united front “He expressed himself on Twitter.

Those with authorization will be able to leave the country, according to the Taliban.

The militants, however, would be assessed “on the basis of their conduct on the ground, not their rhetoric,” according to Dame Barbara Woodward, the UK’s UN envoy.

Anthony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, also promised to “hold the Taliban to their agreement for unfettered passage.”

Lisa Nandy, Labour’s shadow foreign secretary, praised the resolution but said it needed to go further.

“The new situation in Afghanistan necessitates the most comprehensive, coordinated international response against the Taliban,” she tweeted.

“This resolution leaves important and practical concerns unresolved, which must be addressed immediately.”



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