Home Technology UK’s Entire Power Grid Will Run Off Renewables By 2035 – States PM

UK’s Entire Power Grid Will Run Off Renewables By 2035 – States PM

UK’s Entire Power Grid Will Run Off Renewables By 2035 – States PM
Source: Cebs

Boris Johnson has stated that by 2035, 100% of the UK’s electricity would come from renewable sources.

The prime minister, speaking from Manchester, said the objective could be met thanks to advancements in wind power and other renewable energy sources.

The transition to renewable energy is part of the government’s goal of reducing carbon emissions by 78% by 2035.

Green organizations, on the other hand, have cautioned that the UK is falling behind schedule in reaching its objective.

Mr Johnson’s promise comes ahead of the COP 26 meeting in Glasgow, a worldwide United Nations summit on climate change.

“We can get to full renewable energy generation by 2035,” Mr Johnson told reporters.

“By 2035, we can achieve for our whole energy production what we did for internal combustion engine vehicles by 2030,” he added, referring to the upcoming prohibition on the sale of petrol and diesel-powered automobiles.

The decision, according to the prime minister, will lessen the UK’s reliance on foreign energy, “with all the vagaries in hydrocarbon pricing and the hazards that presents for people’s budgets.”

He said that relying on “our own clean electricity” will help keep prices low.

A Deeper Analysis

The prime minister is acting on the recommendation of his Climate Change Committee, which argues that ending fossil fuel energy is an important step toward lowering emissions to virtually zero across the economy by 2050.

However, achieving the 2035 objective would be difficult, especially given the current state of the economy.

Furthermore, any domestic energy shortages will be unwelcomed by the people.

Renewables, particularly offshore wind, will be the backbone of the clean energy transition.

The UK will also require far more energy storage, whether in the form of batteries or other technologies such as liquid air.

Hydrogen generated from excess power is also expected to play a minor role.

Nuclear power and carbon capture and storage, which involves storing carbon emissions in rocks, will also play a modest role.

However, there will have to be a sense of urgency. According to a recent study, the UK’s renewable energy development has slowed to its lowest level since 2010.


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