Home Business Usain Bolt moves to trademark signature victory pose

Usain Bolt moves to trademark signature victory pose

Usain Bolt moves to trademark signature victory pose

Usain Bolt, a legendary athlete, has filed to trademark a design that features his characteristic winning celebration position.

Last Monday, the former Jamaican sprinter filled up an application and sent it to the US.

As he often struck the posture after winning gold medals and establishing world records, he became well-known for the pose, in which he leans back and points to the sky.

Being the fastest man in history, Mr. Bolt still retains the 100- and 200-meter world records.

The US Patent and Trademark Office reports that Mr. Bolt submitted his trademark application on August 17.

It shows “the silhouette of a man in a recognizable stance, with one arm lifted and pointing skyward and the other bent and pointing to the head.”

According to the application, he plans to utilize the picture on clothes, jewelry, and shoes as well as in restaurants and sports bars.

Given that Bolt has stopped competing in races, it seems reasonable that he would want to grow his commercial empire, according to Josh Gerben, a trademark attorney in Washington, DC, who spoke to the BBC.

“His victory pose’s silhouette is recognizable all across the globe. He may sell the goods indicated in the application personally thanks to this trademark registration, or he could provide third parties a license to use the mark “explained Mr. Gerben.

A comparable trademark that Mr. Bolt sought to register 12 years ago has now expired under US law.

At the 2017 World Championships in London, the eight-time Olympic gold medalist announced his retirement from the sport.

Prior to withdrawing due to injury from his last event, the 4x100m relay, just as he was about to reach his peak pace, he could only achieve bronze in the men’s 100m, his penultimate race.

When asked whether he would think about racing again, he responded: “Too many retirees have gone back, either to make things worse or to put themselves in the lowest possible light. I’m not going to be one of them.”