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WhatsApp Releases New Features: Emoji Reactions, Bigger Files, and Massive Group Chats

WhatsApp is now allowing users to respond to messages with emoji and transfer files up to 2GB in size, a significant increase from the previous limit of 100MB. Last month, Meta, the company behind WhatsApp, stated that these functionalities will be available “soon,” and it appears that today is the day. On Thursday, the business also announced that the maximum size of group conversations will be doubled.

When responses were initially revealed, Meta stated that you’d only be allowed to use a chosen handful at first, but that “all emojis and skin-tones” will be included later.

Other applications like Slack and Telegram have had responses for a while – if you want to convey that a message made you laugh without filling up the group chat, you now have a mechanism to do it. That will become even more crucial in the near future, since WhatsApp is increasing the default maximum size of group conversations from 256 to 512 characters (though there have reportedly been hack-y workarounds to get past the previous limit).

Greater groups are being “slowly” brought out, according to WhatsApp’s blog post, while emoji reactions and larger file size limitations are becoming accessible in the current version of the program. The Verge contacted with Meta spokeswoman Vispi Bhopti, who said that the firm expects reactions to be pushed out to everyone in “approximately a week,” but that some users already have the functionality.

Joe Wallace
Joe Wallace
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