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YouTube Announces it Will Stop Creating Original Shows

YouTube Announces it Will Stop Creating Original Shows
Source: Search Engine Journal

YouTube Originals, which generated unique material such as scripted programs, educational videos, music and celebrity programming, will be reduced significantly. Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s chief business officer, revealed the adjustments today on Twitter.

In the future, the business would solely sponsor originals through the YouTube Kids Fund

Over the course of six years, however, YouTube produced just a handful titles that appeared to be blockbusters. By the end, it was unclear what strategic value the original content added to a site that was already one of the most popular video destinations on the planet.

Daniels will leave the firm in March, according to today’s announcement, which contributed to the decision to downsize the division.

Last year, new original programming, including shows starring Will Smith and Alicia Keys, was revealed. YouTube has stated that it will respect existing obligations for currently airing shows and will contact producers in the coming days.

and the YouTube Black Voices Fund, a $100 million initiative launched in 2020 to “amplify” Black producers on the platform.

“With quick expansion comes new opportunities, and now our investments may have a bigger impact on even more artists when applied to other programs, such as our Creator Shorts Fund, Black Voices Fund, and Live Shopping programming, to name a few,” according to the statement.

YouTube Originals has taken a variety of techniques throughout the years. It began with written episodes and movies focusing on creators, such as the comedy-thriller series Scare PewDiePie, which was created in 2016 and led by Susanne Daniels. In 2017, YouTube announced that the first season of originals, which was solely available to subscribers, had notched up 250 million views.

The firm began to shift its focus to ad-supported content showcasing celebrities such as Katy Perry and Kevin Hart, which was available to viewers without requiring a membership.