Home Technology YouTube Makes it Easier for Creators to Turn Longer Content into Shorts

YouTube Makes it Easier for Creators to Turn Longer Content into Shorts

YouTube Makes it Easier for Creators to Turn Longer Content into Shorts

With the addition of a new “Edit into a Short” option to its iOS and Android apps, YouTube is attempting to make it even simpler for artists to convert their lengthier videos into Shorts suited for the platform’s TikTok competitor. From the YouTube app for iOS or Android, producers will be able to choose up to 60 seconds from one of their videos and import it into the Shorts editor. From there, they may include text, filters, and more movies taken with the Shorts camera or taken from their picture bank.

The finished Short will link to the full video it was clipped from, according to a post announcing the feature on YouTube. This could help make Shorts an ideal promotional tool for the creator’s longer content — a key incentive for them to get started while YouTube continues testing monetization options for the feature. A viewer wouldn’t have to visit the creator’s channel and go around for the entire video if they appreciate a Short made with this technology.

The Edit into a Short tool cannot be used on other users’ uploads, in contrast to other tools like Cut, which allows you to include five seconds from a larger video in a Short, or Clips, which may be turned into Shorts. If you’re watching a video you uploaded, it will only appear under the Create menu.

Since it first began releasing Shorts in 2020, YouTube has given the feature a lot of attention. By establishing a fund that compensated producers if they uploaded Shorts, it attempted to encourage them to utilize the format. According to TechCrunch, the business has also been expanding its collection by turning current films into Shorts, provided that they were shot vertically and lasted less than 60 seconds. Over 1.5 billion viewers viewed Shorts each month, according to data from YouTube last month.

According to a post on YouTube, access to the Edit into a Short tool is presently going out and will “enable you to breathe fresh life to your classic material.” The ability to splice together various segments from the same film won’t likely totally replace more conventional video editing tools when it comes to making Shorts, but it may inspire artists to check through their back history to see if anything might make a good Short.