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YouTube Releases New Corrections Feature Allowing Creators to Fix the Record

Everyone makes errors, but it might be difficult to fix a fact or a statement in a YouTube video if you make a mistake. You may re-upload the video after editing it, but you’ll lose all of your comments and engagement data. Although you may add a note to the video’s description or leave a comment with the correction, most people are unlikely to notice.

That’s why YouTube is launching “adjustments,” a new tool that allows producers to simply make more evident corrections. Creators can make adjustments after a video has been uploaded, and they will display as infocards in the top right-hand corner of the video at the relevant timestamp (but only, it seems, for the first correction in any given video). Viewers can then expand the correction notes in the video’s description by clicking on the card.

The complete instructions for adding fixes can be found here, as well as a video overview of the new tool from YouTube’s Creator Insider channel.

The feature is a little haphazard, but it is undeniably beneficial. YouTube shouldn’t have producers choose between correcting the record and letting their videos perform as well as possible, thus any tool that allows them to do both is great.

Joe Wallace
Joe Wallace
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