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YouTube’s Video Player Gets an Upgrade on iOS and Android Devices

YouTube’s mobile app’s full-screen player is getting a new look, which should make it simpler to like or hate videos (in private, of course), read comments, and share what you’re viewing. Most of those elements were previously hidden behind a swipe-up gesture on the “more videos” section, but the new version puts them front and center, with related videos relegated to a button in the corner.

The update is only visible when you’re watching a video in full screen mode; when you’re watching a video in portrait mode, the app appears mostly the same. However, doing so used to come with the added benefit of quick access to the share button and other controls. You’ll see the same thing now that you’re watching in landscape mode.

In landscape format, you can now quickly select the option that allows you to display comments alongside the video. To open the comment area before the new UI, you had to press on it while in portrait mode, then switch to full-screen mode. You can now access them by tapping the comment button.

According to Google spokesperson Allison Toh, the new UI is coming to both iOS and Android and will begin rolling out on Monday. It doesn’t appear to have reached everyone yet, but many individuals (including one member of The Verge team) have reported seeing the new look.

Joe Wallace
Joe Wallace
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